Welcome to Tech Sassy!

Hello Readers!

I’d like to welcome you to the Tech Sassy blog! Here I will use my personal journey of working in an information technology (IT) role to show how I navigated and became comfortable as a woman in a male dominated department and how I refused to compromise on my personality in order to play a valued role in the organization. My goal is that through the sharing of my experiences, I can be an inspiration to other women who struggle to find their authentic voices because I think we all have valuable things to say.

To give you some background on why I feel that I have authority in this area, here is how I came to be on an IT team:

Three years ago I was working on the customer facing team of the CoreSource platform at Ingram Content Group (ICG).  For those who aren’t familiar, CoreSource is a digital asset management tool for publishers. We store thousands of e-content files and the associated metadata for publishers and distribute them to hundreds of retailers (think of folks like Google, Apple, and Amazon – to name a few). I wasn’t really happy in the role and had been looking for new opportunities internally for awhile. When a role opened as a business systems analyst for CoreSource on the developer team, I jumped at the opportunity. The role was new to the team and I had no experience, but I had a lot of professional relationships within the company and the hiring manager had faith in me and offered me the job.

Initially, I struggled in many areas:

  • Learning a new technology language. (Jargon, jargon, and more jargon.)
  • Learning what a business analyst did and how to do it.
  • Having to create my own work processes without following the path of a predecessor.
  • Being the only woman on the team and in most meetings.
  • Showing bravery to ask questions that the team already knew.

My confidence was shaken at many times and I confess to not speaking up as often as I should. However, three years later, I feel that I have progressed well on the team and I have grown to treasure my unique role on it. I have been very fortunate to have co-workers and a manager who are all very patient with me and respect me as they would any male colleague. With that said, the struggles that women have in male dominated arenas is a hot topic and I’ve heard many stories (and have my own firsthand accounts) in which the suggestions of a female have been either bypassed entirely or not taken seriously when first raised. It’s hard not to take it personally when it happens, and I think that reacting with grace is the best tactic (also easier said than done).

My hope is that I can offer some real perspective on this topic. I will use this blog as a record of my professional development, share ways in which I am taking ownership of my career path through attending classes and networking events, and giving my honest feelings on the growth of the female position in technology industries.

Stay sassy,



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Tech Sassy!

  1. Krista Richardson says:

    You’re awesome, Stephanie! I love how you jumped into a role even though you didn’t know what to expect or was not sure you had the experience. A hard-working, smart employee can learn anything – and I’m glad you’re letting other women know that!


    • techsassyblog says:

      Thanks for your kind comments, Krista! You’re so right that an employee with passion and drive can be trained up to do just about any job. If there is anything that trying out many roles at ICG has taught me, it’s that a doubt in skillset is no reason to not pursue a job that I might be interested in.


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